Wintermint Soap

Ever been to the Alps?

Neither have we, but this soap is great!  If you were to take mint & add more mint, then chill it, and make it even mintier and then pour that into a soap you’d be pretty close to how minty this bar is. It’s insane.  We didn’t stop there though. We also added some green tea to soothe and make your skin feel fantastic with a cool, minty tingle.

This bar is perfect head to toe and is safe to use on beard, face, hair or whole body!  The best reason to use handmade soap is the ingredients. Our soaps are all made with food grade vegetable oils and butters rich in antioxidants, vitamins & nutrients essential to keeping your skin looking and feeling healthy.  They lather up naturally and feel great on the skin!

All soaps are poured and cut by hand; size and shape may vary.

Each bar weighs approximately 5 oz.


Natural soaps will last longer if air is allowed to circulate around them.

Try to keep your soap out of constant running water. 

To keep your soap dry between uses, use a soap tray that drains well.

Wintermint Soap

  • Handmade with Saponified Oils of Pure Olive, Coconut & Avocado, Cocoa Butter, Green Tea, Spearmint, Distilled Water, Essential Oils